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thallus (pl. thalli)

  • 葉状体,タルス(日本語)
  • (Español)


Glossary of Lichens by Purvis (2000)

  • The lichen body containing the fungus and photobiont layers.

Glossary of Plant Systematics (1st ed.) by Simpson (2006)

  • The flatted (dorsi-ventral) gametophyte of some liverworts and all hornworts. (plant part)

Glossary of "The Evolution of Plants (2nd ed.)" by Willis & McElwain (2014)

  • Generalized term for simple plant body of nonvascular plants.

Glossary of "A Botanist's Vocabulary" by Pell & Angell (2016)

Glossary of "Flora of Okinawa and the Southern Ryukyu Islands" by Walker (1976)

  • A flat vegetative body or plant undifferentiated into stems and leaves, as Lemna and some Hepaticae (liverworts). 葉状体


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