Hashimoto Tsubota Shimamura Inoue 2021

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Hashimoto et al. (2021)

  • Hashimoto, T., Tsubota, H., Shimamura, M. & Inoue, Y. 2021. The complete chloroplast genome of Petasites japonicus (Siebold & Zucc.) Maxim. (Asteraceae). Mitochondrial DNA Part B 6(12): 3503-3505.


The complete chloroplast (cp) genome sequence of Petasites japonicus (Asteraceae) was determined. The cp genome is 150,445 bp and consists of a large single-copy region (82,910 bp), a small single-copy region (17,907 bp), and a pair of inverted repeats (24,814 bp). It encodes a set of 114 genes, consisting of 80 protein-coding genes, 30 tRNA genes, and four rRNA genes. Phylogenetic inference confirmed that P. japonicus is sister to the genus Ligularia in the tribe Senecioneae of Asteraceae.


  • Complete chloroplast genome, East Asia, Japan, long petiole, Petasites, phylogenetic relationships, Senecioneae, vegetable