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wildlife 野生生物

  • 野生生物(日本語)
  • (Español)


  • 家畜化されていない動物種あるいは,品種改良されていない植物種を指す言葉.
  • その地域に自然状態で生息・自生するすべての生物を含む.人間が持ち込んでいない生物.

Definition by Usher (1986)

  • The first word, wildlife, is the easiest of the three to define. It is a collective noun relating to non-domesticated species of plants, animals or microbes. In some scientific writing wildlife tends to be restricted to animals, especially mammals and birds, but in this book the wider definition is preferred. Within this wider definition there tends to be a restriction to plants and animals, not intentionally, but because very little attention has been paid to the conservation of microbes.
  • Within the intuitive meaning of wildlife is the concept of a species that grows or lives 'wild' in the area, i.e. as well as being non-domesticated the species must also be non-introduced.


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