Katagiri 2016

提供: 広島大学デジタル博物館

Katagiri (2016)

  • Katagiri, T. 2016. On the type specimen of Trichocolea elegans Colenso (Trichocoleaceae, Marchantiophyta). Hikobia 17(2): 109-112.


Morphological descriptions and taxonomic discussion of a liverwort species from New Zealand, Trichocolea elegans Colenso, are provided, with illustrations based on the lectotype newly designated in the present study. T. elegans Colenso is similar to Trichocolea hatcheri E.A.Hodgs. in having (1) small-sized plants of 0.8–1.2 cm wide including branches, (2) leaf discs 2–3 cells high bearing superficial cilia on marginal parts on the abaxial face, (3) dilated septa of leaf cilia, and (4) evenly thickened walls at the distal ends of terminal cells of cilia, and these species are indistinguishable from each other. In accordance with Hodgson’s treatment, T. elegans Colenso should be treated as a synonym of T. hatcheri.