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HIKOBIA 16(2) (2012年発行)目次

Title Authors Page Note
Myxomycete seasonal occurrence and species diversity associated with different decay states of coarse woody debris [高橋和成: 粗大木質の腐朽状態に関係した変形菌の季節的な発生と種多様性] Takahashi, K. 131-140
Seasonal patterns of myxomycete occurrence in a warm temperate laurel forest in Japan [原紺勇一・高橋和成・大賀祥治: 本邦暖温帯における変形菌発生の季節的変動] Harakon, Y., Takahashi, K. & Ohga, S. 141-150
Tree resource diversity in the biological preservation block of the Sultan Adam Forest Park, South Kalimantan Beni Raharjo & Nakagoshi, N. 151-160
Revitalizing Pekarangan Home Gardens, a Small Agroforestry Landscape for a Low Carbon Society Kaswanto & Nakagoshi, N. 161-171
潜在自然植生が異なる二都市間の植生景観構造の比較解析と生態学的評価 [Hattori, C. & Ohno, K.: Comparative analysis and ecological evaluation of the vegetation landscape structures between two cities characterized by their respective potential natural vegetation] 服部千代子・大野啓一 173-191
広島県宮島におけるウエマツソウSciaphila secundiflora Thwaites ex Benth.(ホンゴウソウ科Triuridaceae)の発見 [Uchida, S., Inoue, Y., Mukai, S. & Tsubota, H.: New locality of Sciaphila secundiflora Thwaites ex Benth. (Triuridaceae) on Miyajima Island, SW Japan] 内田慎治・井上侑哉・向井誠二・坪田博美 193-196 Uchida et al. (2012)
広島の帰化植物3.トゲヂシャとマルバトゲヂシャ [Tsubota, H., Kubo, H., Takeuchi, K., Nakahara-Tsubota, M., Inoue, Y., Uchida, S. & Mukai, S.: Notes on naturalized plants in Hiroshima Prefecture: 3. New locality and nrITS variation of Lactuca serriola L. (Asteraceae)] 坪田博美・久保晴盛・武内一恵・中原-坪田美保・井上侑哉・内田慎治・向井誠二 197-202
Liverworts (Marchantiophyta) of Mt. Halimun Salak National Park, West Java (Indonesia) and the rediscovery of Treubia in Java Haerida, I. & Gradstein, S. R. 203-209
Cytological observations on some south Indian mosses Rao, A., Kapila, S. & Kumari P. 211-214
Genetic differences between Dendroceros japonicus and D. tubercularis in Japan [小栗恵美子・山口富美夫・坪田博美・村上哲明・出口博則: 日本産キノボリツノゴケとオガサワラキブリツノゴケの遺伝的な違い] Oguri, E., Yamaguchi, T., Tsubota, H., Murakami, N. & Deguchi, H. 215-220
Phylogenetic note on Pachyneuropsis miyagii T.Yamag. (Pottiaceae, Bryophyta) [井上侑哉・坪田博美・佐藤裕幸・山口富美夫: フチドリコゴケの系統学的位置づけ] Inoue, Y., Tsubota, H., Sato, H. & Yamaguchi, T. 221-228 Inoue et al. (2012)
Two-dimensional correlation spectroscopic study on diffusion of water from epidermal cells of a thalloid liverwort Marchantia pinnata Steph. (Marchantiaceae, Marchantiophyta) [井藤賀 操・小松由佳梨・榊原 均: 二次元相関分光法を用いた葉状体タイ類ヒトデゼニゴケ(ゼニゴケ科,苔植物門)の表皮細胞から拡散する水の挙動に関する研究] Itouga, M., Komatsu-Kato, Y. & Sakakibara, H. 229-234
島根県東部で1956年に採集された車軸藻類 [Kawakami, I. & Ohtani, S.: The Charales (Charophyceae) collected in 1956 from the eastern part of Shimane prefecture, Japan] 川上幾雄・大谷修司 235-255
児童の「食物連鎖」に対する科学的な見方や考え方を育成するための実験-オカダンゴムシとクマワラジムシの葉の選好性を中心に- [Une, K. & Taniguchi, T.: Experiments to enhance the scientific viewpoint and thought for "Food Chain" to pupils — Mainly on preference to dead leaves by Armadillidum vulgare (Latreille) and Porcellio laevis Latreille —] 畦 浩二・谷口智昭 257-265
2010(平成22)年に日本で発表された蘚苔類関係の文献目録 [Higuchi, M. & Arikawa, T.: Bryological literature published in Japan in 2010] 樋口正信・有川智己 267-268
新刊紹介 269-272
Bryophytes of Asia. Fasc. 19 (2012) [出口博則・山口富美夫: アジアの蘚苔類標本第19集] Deguchi, H. & Yamaguchi, T. 273-274
投稿規定 275


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