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Glossary of "Genes V" by Lewin (1994)

  • Zygote is produced by fusion of two gametes--that is, it is a fertilized egg.

Glossary of "Botany (2nd ed)" by Moore et al. (1998)

  • The diploid cell that is formed by the fusioin of two gametes.

Glossary of "Plant Biology (1st ed.)" by Graham et al. (2003)

  • The cell that results from sexual fusion of two gametes, commonly egg and sperm.

Glossary of "Plant Systematics (1st ed.)" by Simpson (2006)

  • A diploid cell that results from the fusion of two haploid cells (egg and sperm) and that ultimately matures into a new sporophyte in the land plants.

Glossary of "Life (9th ed.)" by Sadava et al. (2011)

  • The cell created by the union of two gametes, in which the gamete nuclei are also fused. The earliest stage of the diploid generation.

Glossary of "Evolution of Plants (2nd ed.)" by Willis & McElwain (2014)

  • The diploid cell resulting from the fusion of the male and female gametes.

Glossary of "Evolution (4th ed.)" by Futuyma & Kirkpatrick (2017)

  • A single-celled individual formed by the union of gametes. Occasionally used more loosely to refer to an offspring produced by sexual reproduction.

Glossary of "Flora of Okinawa and the Southern Ryukyu Islands" by Walker (1976)

  • A body or cell formed by the union of two gamets. 接合体, 接合子, 合子


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