Nucleotide base codes

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Nucleotide base codes (IUPAC)

Table 1. Summary of single-letter code recommendations [after Cornish-Bowden (1985)]

Symbol          Meaning           Origin of designation
------          -------           ---------------------
   G          G                   Guanine
   A          A                   Adenine
   T          T                   Thymine
   C          C                   Cytosine
   U          U                   Uracil
   R          G or A              puRine
   Y          T or C              pYrimidine
   M          A or C              aMino
   K          G or T              Ketone
   S          G or C              Strong interaction (3 H bonds)
   W          A or T              Weak interaction (2 H bonds)
   H          A or C or T         not-G, H follows G in the alphabet
   B          G or T or C         not-A, B follows A
   V          G or C or A         not-T (not-U), V follows U
   D          G or A or T         not-C, D follows C
   N          G or A or T or C    aNy

Table 1. IUPAC code for incomplete nucleic acid specification [after Johnson (2010)]
Symbol     Mnemonic                Translation
A                                  A (adenine)
C                                  C (cytosine)
G                                  G (guanine)
T                                  T (thymine)
U                                  U (uracil)
R          puRine                  A or G (purines)
Y          pYrimidine              C or T/U (pyrimidines)
M          aMino group             A or C
K          Keto group              G or T/U
S          Strong interaction      C or G
W          Weak interaction        A or T/U
H          not G                   A, C or T/U
B          not A                   C, G or T/U
V          not T/U                 A, C or G
D          not C                   A, G or T/U
N          aNy                     A, C, G or T/U