HIKOBIA 9(4) (1986年発行)目次

Title Authors Page Note
Selected papers by Dr. Hisatsugu Ando 288
A survey of the moss genus Sclerodontium Crum, H. 289-295
Wijkia (Sematophyllaceae) in the New World Buck, W. R. 297-303
Piloseriopus, gen. nov. Sharp, A. J. 305-306
Studies on Holomitrium perichaetiale (Hook.) Brid. (Dicranaceae: Bryopsida) Ramsy, H. P. 307-314
Pohlia hisae, species nova (Musci, Bryaceae), from Wo-long Nature Reserve, Sichuan Province, China Koponen, T. & Lou, J.-S. 315-317
Antarctic species of Ceratodon collected from King George Island, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica [神田啓史: キングジョージ島から採集されたヤノウエノアカゴケ属(蘚類)] Kanda, H. 319-325
Notes on some Asian species of Grimmia [出口博則: アジアから記載されたギボウシゴケ属蘚類の数種について] Deguchi, H. 327-329
Ectropothecium andoi, a new moss species from Japan [西村直樹: 日本産蘚類の一新種,ウルワシウシオゴケ] Nishimura, N. 331-334
A new combination of an African species, Gollania demaretii P. de la Verde with Chryso-hypnum [樋口正信: アフリカ産Chryso-hypnum属の一組み合わせ] Higuchi, M. 335-338
Sexuality of the Japanese mosses [畦 浩二: 日本産蘚類の雌雄性] Une, K. 339-344
Geographic variation and species structure in Marchantia paleacea Bertol. Bishler, H. 345-351
The genus Colura (Hepaticae) in the Galapagos Islands [Harada, H. & Ando, H.: Lichens of Mt. Kanmuri, westernmost Honshu, Japan] Gradstein, S. R. 353-356
Anthoceros dussii Steph. (Anthocerotae) and its isobilateral spore tetrads [長谷川二郎: Anthoceros dussiiとその相同側型の四分子について] Hasegawa, J. 357-360
Bacterial invasion of the cell wall of an aquatic bryophyte Scapania undulata (L.) Dum. in both acidic and near-neutral conditions [佐竹研一・柴田恵子: 水生苔類Scapania undulata (L.) Dum.の細胞壁のバクテリアによる分解] Satake, K. & Shibata, K. 361-365
Bryophyte vegetation and habitat gradients of montane streams in western Canada Vitt, D. H., Glime, J. M. & LaFarge-England, C. 367-385
East African Bryophytes, X. K. Norikoshi's collection from Mahale Mountain National Park, Western Tanzania Ochyra, R. & Pócs, T. 387-394
雲仙風穴の蘚苔類 [Nakanishi, K.: Bryophytes of the wind hole on Unzen Mts. in western Kyushu, Japan] 中西こずえ 395-400
The Consepectus , the Register and the Directory, three international referrals of bryological documentation Greene, S. W. 401-404
Some species of Coleochaete (Charophyta) formed in Hiroshima Prefecture, southwestern Japan [仁科典子・中野武登: 広島県産Coleochaete(緑藻類)の数種について] Nishina, N. & Nakano, T. 405-409
Structures of fructifications in three species of Myxomycetes [波多野隆美: 変形菌3種の子実体の形態について] Hatano, T. 411-416
本州中部山地帯の森林群落に関する植生地理学的研究 [Ohno, K. & Miyawaki, A.: Study of the geographical distribution of forest communities in the Chubu mountains, central Japan] 大野啓一・宮脇 昭 417-429
北海道渡島半島のブナ林における植生と土壌の関係 [Hukushima, T., Watanabe, I. & Nashimoto, M.: Vegetation-soil relationships in the beech forest of the Oshima Peninsula, southern Hokkaido] 福島 司・渡辺 至・梨本 真 431-438
Growth and mortality of mangrove seedings transplanted to Hiroshima [中越信和・根平邦人: 太田川に植栽したマングローブ実生の生長と死亡] Nakagoshi, N. & Nehira, K. 439-449
九州におけるハマニンニク群落の分布と生態 [Nakanishi, H.: Distribution and ecology of the Elymus mollus community in Kyushu, Japan] 中西弘樹 451-456
The vegetation of irrigation ponds in the Oasa basin, Hiroshima Prefecture, western Japan [下田路子: 大朝町(広島県)のため池の植生] Shimoda, M. 457-465
Studies of the genus Hypnum Hedw. (IV) [安藤久次: ハイゴケ属の研究(IV)] Ando, H. 467-484
ミギワギボウシゴケ(Grimmia mollis Bruch et Schimp.)は日本にある [Iwatsuki, Z., Kiguchi, H. & Deguchi, H.: Grimmia mollis Bruch et Schimp. occurs in Japan] 岩月善之助・木口博史・出口博則 485-489
A cytotaxonomic study of the moss genus Gollania (preliminary report) [蘚類ラッコゴケ属の細胞分類学的研究(予報)] Higuchi, M. & Inoue, S. 95-104
Gemmae of Haplomitrium hookeri (Smith) Nees [古木達郎: キレハコマチゴケの無性芽] Furuki, T. 495-496
蘚苔植物のn-アルカン成分 [Matsuo, A., Matsuda, T. & Seki, T.: Analysis of the n-alkane composition of certain bryophytes] 松尾昭彦・松田哲典・関 太郎 497-500
付着珪藻類組成の主成分分析による解析-広島県太田川 [Handa, S. & Nakano, T.: Analysis of the epilithic diatom communities by principal component analysis method-Ota-gawa River (Hiroshima Prefecture)] 半田信司・中野武登 501-507
A flora of vascular plants at Jomo Kenyatta College of Agriculture and Technology, Central Province, Kenya [関 太郎・ワンブイ・グミ: ケニアのジョモ・ケニアッタ農工大学における維管束植物のフロラ] Seki, T. & Ngumi, W. 509-520
アカマツ年輪の生態学的研究2.類型化による年次変動パターンの検討 [Shinada, Y.: Ecological studies on the tree ring of Pinus densiflora. 2. Time-course change pattern along with calendar year] 品田 泰 521-528
Some notes on the Rhododendron plants from Japan XXII. The leaf hairs in four species [栗田正秀: 日本産ツツジ属植物雑報XXII. 4種の葉における毛] Kurida, M. 529-535
ヒコビア植物観察会の記録,1985年4月~12月 [Seki, T. & Yoshino, Y.: Activities of the Hikobia Monthly Botanical Tour during Apr.-Dec., 1985] 関 太郎・吉野由紀夫 537-543
新刊紹介 545-548


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