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HIKOBIA 15(4) (2010年12月27日発行)目次 Contents

Title Authors Page Note
Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of Hikobia 359
フクレヘラゴケの新産地と着生基物 [New locality and substrate of Thysanothecium scutellatum (Fr.) D.J.Galloway (Cladoniaceae, lichenized Ascomycetes)] Okamoto, T. 361-362 Okamoto (2010)
Impact of land use changes on spatial pattern of landscape during two decades (1989‒2009) in West Java region Kaswanto, Nakagoshi, N., & Arifin, H. S. 363-376 Kaswanto et al. (2010)
Grassland vegetation change after riverbank restoration in Jungnang River, Seoul, Korea Lee, H.-J. & Nakagoshi, N. 377-384 Lee & Nakagoshi (2010)
温暖帯下部の常緑広葉樹林内に存在するモミ(Abies firma Sieb. et Zucc.)の自然更新過程とその持続性の検証~広島県の厳島(宮島)を例にして~ [The mechanism of natural regeneration and the viability analysis for Abies firma in a Japanese warm temperate forest in Itsukushima Island, Hiroshima Prefecture] 沖宗一郎・山田敏弘・奥田敏統 385-400 沖ほか(2010)