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  • Contents of HIKOBIA 15(4) 2010

|Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Establishment of Hikobia|| 359 | |New locality and substrate of Thysanothecium scutellatum (Fr.) D.J.Galloway (Cladoniaceae, lichenized Ascomycetes)|Okamoto, T.| 361-362 (In Japanese with English abstract) | |Impact of land use changes on spatial pattern of landscape during two decades (1989‒2009) in West Java region|Kaswanto, Nakagoshi, N., & Hadi Susilo Arifin| 363-376 | |Grassland vegetation change after riverbank restoration in Jungnang River, Seoul, Korea|Lee, H.-J. & Nakagoshi, N.| 377-384 | |The mechanism of natural regeneration and the viability analysis for Abies firma in a Japanese warm temperate forest in Itsukushima Island, Hiroshima Prefecture|Oki, S., Yamada, T. & Okuda, T.| 385-400 (In Japanese with English abstract) | |Distribution of bamboo forests in Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture, western Japan based on an actual vegetation map|Yoshimura, K., Fujihara, M. & Mino, N.| 401-406 (In Japanese with English abstract) | |Management of bamboo forests based on land-use history, distribution and stand structure in the northern part of Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture, western Japan|Hoashi, K., Fujihara, M., Oyabu, T., Sawada, Y. & Yamamoto, S.| 407-414 (In Japanese with English abstract) | |The influence of geological and topographical features on the vegetation of Shodo-shima Island, Kagawa prefecture, Japan|Oota, K., Morisada, S. & Hada, Y.| 415-425 (In Japanese with English abstract) | |A taxonomic revision of the genus Apometzgeria (Metzgeriaceae, Marchantiophyta)|Masuzaki, H., Tsubota, H., Shimamura, M. Yamaguchi, T. & Deguchi, H.| 427-452 | |Phylogenetic relationships among Leucobryum juniperoideum and related species (Leucobryaceae, Musci) inferred from ITS sequences|Oguri, E., Yamaguchi, T., Shimamura, M., Tsubota, H. & Deguchi, H.| 453-462 | |Taxonomic studies on the liverwort Jubula Dumort. (Marchantiophyta: Jubulaceae) in Japan and Taiwan|Katagiri, T., Yamaguchi, T. & Deguchi, H.| 463-472 | |Stictolejeunea (Lejeuneaceae) new to Indonesia|Ida Haerida & S. Robbert Gradstein| 473-476 | |Mosses from marginal desert lands of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, north-western China|Downing, A. & Zhang, Y.-M.| 477-484 | |Bryophyte of the Kitaiwoto Island, Ogasawara Archipelago|Uchida, S., Yamaguchi, T. & Deguchi, H.| 485-492 (In Japanese with English abstract) | |A report of the photobiont isolated from Multiclavula clara (Berk. & Cart.) R.H.Petersen (Clavariaceae, lichenized Basidiomycetes)|Takeshita, S., Tokizawa, M., Handa, S. & Okamoto, T.| 493-497 (In Japanese with English abstract) | |Ecology of wood-inhabiting myxomycetes in three different types of natural forests on the Kirishima Mountains of south-western Japan|Takahashi, K. & Harakon, Y.| 499-510 | |A brief history and activities of the Hikobia Monthly Botanical Tour with the 500th commemoration events completed since 1956, and maps for the venues and common plant species in Hiroshima Prefecture, SW Japan|Kubo, H., Mukai, S. & Tsubota, H.| 511-522 (In Japanese with English abstract) | |Bryological literature published in Japan in 2008 |Iwatsuki, Z. & Higuchi, M. | 523-524 | |Book Reviews | | 525-527 | |Bryophytes of Asia. Fasc. 17 (2010)|Deguchi, H. & Yamaguchi, T. | 529-530 |

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