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HIKOBIA 14(3) (2005年発行)目次

Title Authors Page Note
Effect of nickel and cadmium on regeneration of Hyophila involuta and Funaria hygrometrica Kapila, S., Kaur, R. & Saxena, P. 245-249
日本産Reboulia hemisphaericaの遺伝的多様性,性表現,分枝様式の実体と種の認識 [Itouga, M., Kato, R., Deguchi, H., Ono, Y. & Sakakibara, H.: Genetic diversity, sexual condition and branching pattern within Reboulia hemisphaerica (Marchantiales; Hepaticae) in Japan] 井藤賀操・加藤由佳梨・出口博則・小野芳朗・榊原均 251-261
コケ植物を用いたファイトレメディエーション,1 - ホンモンジゴケのCu蓄積特性と燃焼飛灰由来のPb浄化の試み- [Itouga, M., Kato, Y., Yamaguchi, I., Ono, Y. & Sakakibara, H.: Phytoremediation using bryophytes, 1. - Characterization of copper accumulation and remediation of lead from fry ash using Scopelophila cataractae (Mitt.) Broth. -] 井藤賀操・加藤由佳梨・山口勇・小野芳朗・榊原均 263-271
Species richness, community structure and other characteristics of a tropical rainforest in the Southwestern Amazon, Acre, Brazil Euler, A., Fujiwara, K. & Saraiva, R. 273-291
Stand structure and homogeneity of an evergreen broad-leaved coppice forest [平川法義・長島啓子・中越信和: 照葉樹林の林分構造とその均一性] Hirakawa, N., Nagashima, K. & Nakagoshi, N. 293-303
韓国鬱陵島の海岸植生に関する植物社会学的研究 [Song, J.-S. & Ohno, K.: A phytosociological study on the coastal vegetation of Ulleung Island, South Korea] 宋鐘碩・大野啓一 305-314
太平洋沿岸地域に分布するカラスザンショウ林に関する植物社会学的研究 [Xu, Q. & Ohno, K.: A phytosociological study on Zanthoxylum ailanthoides forests occurring on the coastal regions along the Pacific Ocean from southern Kanto to southern Kyushu in Japan] 許琴蘭・大野啓一 315-337
日本新産の気生藻類ミノスミレモTrentepohlia arborum (Agardh) Hariot (スミレモ科,アオサ藻鋼) [Handa, S., Nakahara, M., Tsubota, H. & Nakano, T.: Trentepohlia arborum (Agardh) Hariot (Trentepohliaceae, Ulvophyceae), an aerial alga newly found in Japan] 半田信司・中原美保・坪田博美・中野武登 339-343
研究資料の電子化とインターネット上での公開について [Tsubota, H., Muaki, S., Yamaguchi, T., Toyohara, G. & Deguchi, H.: Digitalization and computerization of plant research materials to disclosure on the Web] 坪田博美・向井誠二・山口富美夫・豊原源太郎・出口博則 345-349
2003(平成15)年に日本で発表された蘚苔類関係の文献目録 [Iwatsuki, Z. & Higuchi, M.: Bryological literature published in Japan in 2003] 岩月善之助・樋口正信 351-355
Bryophytes of Asia. Fasc. 12 (2005) [出口博則・山口富美夫: アジアの蘚苔類標本第12集] Deguchi, H. & Yamaguchi, T. 357-358
新刊紹介 359
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