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Contents of HIKOBIA 14(1) 2003

Title Authors Page Note
Application of the ecology of Rhododendron ripense to protection of the species from the effects of dam construction Hikasa, M., Yamasaki, W. & Nakagoshi, N. 1-8
Rehabitation of Shibateranthis pinnatifida Maxim., a GIS approach Azari-Dehkordi, F. & Nakagoshi, N. 9-14
Floristic composition and vertical distribution of Abies firma -Tsuga sieboldii forests of the Mt. Misen Primeval Forest on Miyajima Island, SW Japan Kuroda, A., Kai, T., Mukai, S. & Toyohara, G. 15-24
A species list for the bryophytes and ferns occurring as epiphytes on Tasamanian tree ferns Roberts, N. R., Dalton, P. J. & Jordan, G. J. 25-31
Preliminary application of psaB sequence data to the phylogenetic analysis of pleurocarpous mosses Arikawa, T. & Higuchi, M. 33-44
A preliminary phylogenetic study of the genus Leucobryum (Leucobryaceae, Musci) in Asia and the Pacific based on ITS and rbcL sequences Oguri, E., Yamaguchi, T., Tsubota, H. & Deguchi, H. 45-53
Molecular phylogeny of the Grimmiales (Musci) based on chloroplast rbcL sequences Tsubota, H., Ageno, Y., Estebanes, B., Yamaguchi, T. & Deguchi, H. 55-70
Carrigan, C. & Gibson M. | 71-74 | Biggs, L. & Gibson, M. | 75-78 | Enroth, J. & Koponen, T. | 79-86 | Ji, M.-C. & Tan, B. C. | 87-106 | Shimamura, M., Shigetou, Y. & Deguchi, H. | 107-112 (In Japanese with English abstract) | Iwatsuki, Z. & Higuchi, M. | 113-117 (In Japanese) | Deguchi, H. & Yamaguchi, T. | 119-120 | Seki, T. | 125-126 |

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