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  • Contents of HIKOBIA 14(1) 2003

|Application of the ecology of Rhododendron ripense to protection of the species from the effects of dam construction |Hikasa, M., Yamasaki, W. & Nakagoshi, N. | 1-8 | |Rehabitation of Shibateranthis pinnatifida Maxim., a GIS approach |Azari-Dehkordi, F. & Nakagoshi, N. | 9-14 | |Floristic composition and vertical distribution of Abies firma -Tsuga sieboldii forests of the Mt. Misen Primeval Forest on Miyajima Island, SW Japan |Kuroda, A., Kai, T., Mukai, S. & Toyohara, G. | 15-24 | |A species list for the bryophytes and ferns occurring as epiphytes on Tasamanian tree ferns |Roberts, N. R., Dalton, P. J. & Jordan, G. J. | 25-31 | |Preliminary application of psaB sequence data to the phylogenetic analysis of pleurocarpous mosses |Arikawa, T. & Higuchi, M. | 33-44 | |A preliminary phylogenetic study of the genus Leucobryum (Leucobryaceae, Musci) in Asia and the Pacific based on ITS and rbcL sequences |Oguri, E., Yamaguchi, T., Tsubota, H. & Deguchi, H. | 45-53 | |Molecular phylogeny of the Grimmiales (Musci) based on chloroplast rbcL sequences |Tsubota, H., Ageno, Y., Est?banes, B., Yamaguchi, T. & Deguchi, H. | 55-70 | |Comparative sexuality of conspecific stream-side and stream rock mosses |Carrigan, C. & Gibson M. | 71-74 | |The sexuality of Atrichum androgynum (C. Muell.) Jaeg. (Musci: Polytrichaceae) in wet sclerophyll and cool temperate rainforest of Victoria, Australia |Biggs, L. & Gibson, M. | 75-78 | |Bryophyte flora of Hunan Province, China. 8. Additions to the checklist |Enroth, J. & Koponen, T. | 79-86 | |A new checklist of mosses of Jiangxi Province, China |Ji, M.-C. & Tan, B. C. | 87-106 | |Developmental investigation on the gematophyte of Apotreubia nana |Shimamura, M., Shigetou, Y. & Deguchi, H. | 107-112 (In Japanese with English abstract) | |Bryological literature published in Japan in 2001 |Iwatsuki, Z. & Higuchi, M. | 113-117 (In Japanese) | |Bryophytes of Asia. Fasc. 10 (2003) |Deguchi, H. & Yamaguchi, T. | 119-120 | |Hyoji Suzuki, 1914-2003 |Seki, T. | 125-126 |

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