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HIKOBIA 16(2) (2012年発行)目次

Title Authors Page Note
Myxomycete seasonal occurrence and species diversity associated with different decay states of coarse woody debris [高橋和成: 粗大木質の腐朽状態に関係した変形菌の季節的な発生と種多様性] Takahashi, K. 131-140
Seasonal patterns of myxomycete occurrence in a warm temperate laurel forest in Japan [原紺勇一・高橋和成・大賀祥治: 本邦暖温帯における変形菌発生の季節的変動] Harakon, Y., Takahashi, K. & Ohga, S. 141-150
Tree resource diversity in the biological preservation block of the Sultan Adam Forest Park, South Kalimantan Beni Raharjo & Nakagoshi, N. 151-160
Revitalizing Pekarangan Home Gardens, a Small Agroforestry Landscape for a Low Carbon Society Kaswanto & Nakagoshi, N. 161-171
岡山市瀬戸町における堆積岩地域の森林植生と地形属性 [Oota, K. & Hada, Y.: The influence of topographical features on the forest vegetation of Sedimentary Rock Area at Seto, Okayama City, S.W. Honshyu, Japan] 太田 謙・波田善夫 41-49
The phylogenetic position of Vandiemenia ratkowskiana (Metzgeriales, Marchantiophyta) [桝崎浩亮・古木達郎・Patrick J. Dalton・坪田博美・Rodney D. Seppelt・出口博則: Vandiemenia ratkowskianaの系統学的位置づけ] Masuzaki, H., Furuki, T., Dalton, P. J., Tsubota, H., Seppelt, R. D. & Deguchi, H. 51-57 Masuzaki et al. (2011)
A nomenclatural change for Metzgeria kinabaluensis (Metzgeriaceae, Marchantiophyta) [桝崎浩亮: Metzgeria kinabaluensisの命名規約上の変更] Masuzaki, H. 59-60
Liverworts and hornworts of Mt. Slamet, Central Java (Indonesia) Ida Haerida & Gradstein, S. R. 61-66
A note on Pottia intermedia (Turner) Fürnr. (Pottiaceae, Bryopsida) with special reference to its phylogeny and new localities in SW Japan [井上侑哉・坪田博美・久保晴盛・内田慎治・向井誠二・嶋村正樹・出口博則: センボンゴケPottia intermedia (Turner) Fürnr(センボンゴケ科)の新産地とその分子系統学的位置] Inoue, Y., Tsubota, H., Kubo, H., Uchida, S., Mukai, S., Shimamura, M. & Deguchi, H. 67-78 Inoue et al. (2011)
異なるミズゴケ栽培方法を用いた水環境への影響とオオミズゴケおよび共生栽培イネの成長に関する比較研究 [Hoshi, Y., Kido, M., Nagano, K., Ichikawa, T. & Deguchi, H.: A comparative study of water environment effect and Sphagnum growing with companion plant rice by two different culture systems of Sphagnum palustre L.] 星 良和・城戸美智子・長野克也・市川 勉・出口博則 79-83
Distribution of eelgrass, Zostera japonica Aschers. & Graebn., in a tidal river with reference to some environmental characteristics [姫野沙知子・安岡沙知・関田諭子・峯一朗・松井透・奥田一雄・高橋正征: 河川感潮域の環境特性と海草コアマモの分布] Himeno, S., Yasuoka, S., Sekida, S., Mine, I., Okuda, K., Matsui, T. & Takahashi, M. M. 85-94
Occurrence of myxomycetes associated with decaying state of leaf-litters in a secondary forest of western Japan [高橋和成: 西日本の二次林における落葉分解状態に関係した変形菌の発生] Takahashi, K. 95-103
土壌微生物の新たな教材開発 -中学校理科「自然と人間」への導入を目指して- [Une, K. & Kamatani, H.: The New Teaching Material Development Utilizing Soil Microorganisms — Aim at the Introduction to the Junior High School Science ‟Nature and Human Being”] 畦 浩二・鎌谷泰州 105-110
2009(平成21)年に日本で発表された蘚苔類関係の文献目録 [Iwatsuki, Z. & Higuchi, M.: Bryological literature published in Japan in 2009] 岩月善之助・樋口正信 111-112
新刊紹介 113-114
Bryophytes of Asia. Fasc. 18 (2011) [出口博則・山口富美夫: アジアの蘚苔類標本第18集] Deguchi, H. & Yamaguchi, T. 115-116
ヒコビア13巻総目次 [Contests of Volume 13] 117-120
ヒコビア14巻総目次 [Contests of Volume 14] 121-123
ヒコビア15巻総目次 [Contests of Volume 15] 125-127
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