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HIKOBIA 11(4) (1994年発行)目次

Title Authors Page Note
Selected papers by Prof. Zennoske Iwatsuki
Zennoske Iwatsuki-Brilliant scholar and wonderful companion Sharp, A. J. 355
Two new Fissidens from South America Pursell, R. A. 357-360
A new species of Fissidens from Indonesia Bruggeman-Nannenga, M. A. 361-362
A revision of Hypnum aemulans Limpr., with records of a new species, H. holmenii (Sect. Hamulosa) from northern North America, Greenland and Finland Ando, H. 363-370
The affinities between the Campylopus flora of Sri Lanka and Madagascar - or: which species survived on Noah's arc? Frahm, J.-P. 371-376
A synopsis of the American species of Donnellia (Sematophyllaceae) Buck, W. R. 377-385
Cinclidiaceae, Mniaceae and Plagiomniaceae from Minshan Range, northwestern Sichuan, China Koponen, T. 387-406
Bryophytes of Mediterranean climates in British Columbia Schofield, W. B. 407-414
Noteworthy range extensions of some East Asiatic moss taxa and a new species of Philippine Barbula, B. zennoskeana. Tan, B. C. 415-421
Leskeodon rotundifolius Bart., a new synonym of Distichophyllum catinifolium Froeh. [松井 透: Distichophyllum catinifoliumの新異名Leskeodon rotundifolius Bart. ] Matsui, T. 423-428
An arctic moss, Loeskypnum badium (Hartm.) Paul (Amblystegiaceae), new to Japan [神田啓史・佐藤 謙: 日本新産の北極要素蘚類Loeskypnum badium (Hartm.) Paul(ヤナギゴケ科)] Kanda, H. & Sato, K. 429-433
Mosses of Saipan and Rota, the southern Mariana Islands [西村直樹・山口富美夫・古木達郎: サイパンとロタ,南マリアナ諸島の蘚類] Nishimura, N., Yamaguchi, T. & Furuki, T. 435-438
Studies on Metzgeriales. III The classification of the Fossombroniaceae and on Austrofossombronia Schust., gen. n. Schuster, R. M. 439-449
Verdoon's Studien über Asiatische Jubleae Gradstein, S. R. 451-456
New or little known epiphyllous liverworts, V. Aphanolejeunea collected by Barbara M. Thiers in Australia and Papua New Guinea Pócs, T. 457-462
Taxonomic studies of Asiatic species of Aneuraceae (Hepaticae). III. Riccardia subgen. Thornoneura Furuki [古木達郎: アジア産スジゴケ科の分類学的研究III. スジゴケ属トゲスジゴケ亜属] Furuki, T. 463-467
屋久島のとげの短いフクロヤバネゴケ [Mizutani, M.: The second species of Japanese Nowellia] 水谷正美 469-470
A study of the genus Splachnum pensylvanicum using scanning electron microscopy Miller, N. G. 471-478
Chromosome numbers on some mosses from Vanuatu [井上 覚・樋口正信: バヌアツ産蘚類数種の染色体数] Inoue, S. & Higuchi, M. 479-482
Bryophytes as homes for stream insects Glime, J. M. 483-497
Development processes of bryophyte communities on rocks and logs placed at floor in temperate forests [根平邦人・中越信和: 温帯林林床に設置した石・樹幹上におけるコケ群落の形成過程] Nehira, K. & Nakagoshi, N. 499-503
Life history of Bryopsis muscosa Lam. and Bryopsis corymbosa J. Ag. in Japan [奥田一雄: 日本産ナガホノハネモとフサハネモの生活史] Okuda, K. 505-518
Taxonomic notes on the lichen family Verrucariaceaein Japan (V). Verrucaria iwatsukii Harada sp. nov. [原田 浩: 日本産アナイボゴケ科地衣類分類ノート(V). Verrucaria iwatsukii Harada sp. nov.] Harada, H. 519-522
Some new and rare records of Myxomycetes from Japan [山本幸憲: 若干の日本新産および希産の変形菌] Yamamoto, Y. 523-530
Didymium floccosum (Myxomycetes, Didymiaceae) newly found in Japan [松本 淳・出口博則: 日本新産のDidymium floccosumの形態と分布] Matsumoto, J. & Deguchi, H. 531-534
The taxonomic relevance of oil drops in the laminal cells of Dicranaceae Frahm, J.-P. 535-538
Notes on the Neckeraceae (Musci). 20. Neckera goughiana and its geographic distribution Enroth, J. 539-542
Epiphyllous liverworts from Baishanzu Nature Reserve, Zhejiang Province, China Zhu, R.-L., Hu, R.-L. & Zhang, G.-Z. 543-547
New synonyms proposed by Prof. A. Noguchi in 'Illustrated Moss Flora of Japan', Part 5, 1994 [岩月善之助・山口富美夫: 'Illustrated Moss Flora of Japan', Part 5, 1994で野口彰教授によって提案された新異名] Iwatsuki, Z. & Yamaguchi, T. 549-552
Floristic diversity of C3 and C4 graminoids in relation to grazing / landscape location in short-grass steppe [奥田敏統・S. Archer・J. K. Detling: ステップ草原における放牧圧と地形的要因がC3, C4植物(穎果類)の種多様性にあたえる影響] Okuda, T., Archer, S. & Detling, J. K. 553-560
Effects of shading on dominance and diversity of C3 and C4 graminoids [奥田敏統: 遮光処理がC3, C4植物(穎果類)の優占度と多様性に与える影響] Okuda, T. 561-573
本州最北部の海浜植生の成帯構造と地形 [Nakanishi, H. & Fukumoto, H.: Zonation of coastal vegetation and depositional topography in Aomori Prefecture, northern Honshu, Japan] 中西弘樹・福本 紘 575-586
1992(平成4)年に日本で発表された蘚苔類関係の文献目録 [Iwatsuki, Z. & Higuchi, M.: Bryological literature published in Japan in 1992] 岩月善之助・樋口正信 587-591
新刊紹介 593-595
ヒコビア会活動記録 597-599
ヒコビア会会則 600


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