Hashimoto Tsubota Shimamura Inoue 2021

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2021年12月4日 (土) 23:04時点におけるChubo (トーク | 投稿記録)による版 (→‎Hashimoto et al. (2021))

Hashimoto et al. (2021)

  • Hashimoto, T., Tsubota, H., Shimamura, M. & Inoue, Y. 2021. The complete chloroplast genome of Petasites japonicus (Siebold & Zucc.) Maxim. (Asteraceae). Mitochondrial DNA Part B 6(12): 3503-3505.


The complete chloroplast (cp) genome sequence of Petasites japonicus (Asteraceae) was determined. The cp genome is 150,445 bp and consists of a large single-copy region (82,910 bp), a small single-copy region (17,907 bp), and a pair of inverted repeats (24,814 bp). It encodes a set of 114 genes, consisting of 80 protein-coding genes, 30 tRNA genes, and four rRNA genes. Phylogenetic inference confirmed that P. japonicus is sister to the genus Ligularia in the tribe Senecioneae of Asteraceae.


Complete chloroplast genome, East Asia, Japan, long petiole, Petasites, phylogenetic relationships, Senecioneae, vegetable