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taxon (pl. taxa)

  • 分類群(日本語)
  • (Español)


"Phylogenetics" by Wiley (1981), p. 6

  • A grouping of organisms given a proper name, or, a grouping that could be given a proper name but is not named as a matter of convention.

Glossary of "Cladistics (2nd ed.)" by Kitching et al. (1998)

  • A named group of two or more organisms.

Glossary of "Plant Systematics (1st ed.)" by Simpson (2006)

  • A group of organisms, ideally monophyletic and traditionally treated at a particular rank. Pl: taxa.

Glossary of "Life (9th ed.)" by Sadava et al. (2011)

  • A biological group (typically a species or a clade) that is given a name.

Glossary of "Environmental Science: Earth as a Living Planet (2nd ed.)" by Botkin & Keller (1998)

  • A grouping of organisms according to evolutionary relationships.

Glossary of "A Botanist's Vocabulary" by Pell & Angell (2016)


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