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synapomorphy, synapomorphic character

  • 子孫形質共有(日本語)
  • (Español)


Glossary of "Cladistics (2nd ed.)" by Kitching et al. (1998)

Glossary of Plant Systematics (1st ed.) by Simpson (2006)

  • An apomorphy that unites two or more taxa or lineages.

Glossary of "Plant Systematics (3rd ed.)" by Judd et al. (2008)

  • Shared derived character state.

Glossary of "Life (9th ed.)" by Sadava et al. (2011)

  • A trait that arose in the ancestor of a phylogenetic group and is present (sometimes in modified form) in all of its members, thus helping to delimit and identify that group. Also called a shared derived trait.

Glossary of "Evolution (3rd ed.)" by Futuyma (2013)

  • A derived character state that is shared by two or more taxa and is postulated to have evolved in their common ancestor.

synapomorphic character


"Phylogenetics" by Wiley (1981), p. 123

  • A homologous character found in two or more taxa that is hypothesized to have arisen in the ancestral species of these taxa and in no earlier ancestor.


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