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Glossary of "Cladistics (2nd ed.)" by Kitching et al. (1998)

Glossary of "Plant Biology (1st ed.)" by Graham et al. (2003)

  • A group of related organisms that is defined by at least one shared, derived character.

Glossary of "Plant Systematics (1st ed.)" by Simpson (2006)

  • A sequence of ancestral-descendant populations through time; a set of organisms interconnected through time and space by the transfer of genetic material from parents to offspring, represented as a line on a cladogram. Syn: lineage.

Glossary of "Evolution of Plants (2nd ed.)" by Willis & McElwain (2014)

  • A monophyletic group.

Glossary of "Evolution (4th ed.)" by Futuyma & Kirkpatrick (2017)

  • The set of species descended from a particular ancestral species.


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