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plesiomorphy (pl. Plesiomorphies), plesiomorphic character


Glossary of "Cladistics (2nd ed.)" by Kitching et al. (1998)

  • (1) An apomorphy of a more inclusive hierarchical level than that being considered. (2) An ancestral or primitive character or character state. Cf. also apomorphy.

Glossary of Plant Systematics (1st ed.) by Simpson (2006)

Glossary of "Plant Systematics (3rd ed.)" by Judd et al. (2008)

  • Ancestral character state; also called a plesiomorphic character state.

plesiomorphic character


"Phylogenetics" by Wiley (1981), p. 122

  • Of a pair of homologues, the plesiomorphic character is the character that arose earlier in time and gave rise to the later, apomorphic, character.
    • Plesiomorphic character is frequently shortened to "plesiomorphy". Synonyms include: plesiotypic character, plesiotypy, plesiomorphous character, primitive character, ancestral character, and generalized character.


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