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HIKOBIA 14(1) (2003年発行)目次

Title Authors Page Note
Application of the ecology of Rhododendron ripense to protection of the species from the effects of dam construction [日笠睦・山崎亙・中越信和:保全に向けたキシツツジ(Rhododendron ripense)の生態に関する研究] Hikasa, M., Yamasaki, W. & Nakagoshi, N. 1-8
Rehabitation of Shibateranthis pinnatifida Maxim., a GIS approach [フォロード アザリ=デコルディ・中越信和:地理情報システムを活用したセツブンソウの復旧] Azari-Dehkordi, F. & Nakagoshi, N. 9-14
Floristic composition and vertical distribution of Abies firma -Tsuga sieboldii forests of the Mt. Misen Primeval Forest on Miyajima Island, SW Japan [黒田有寿茂・甲斐崇・向井誠二・豊原源太郎:宮島弥山原始林におけるモミ・ツガ林の種組成および垂直分布] Kuroda, A., Kai, T., Mukai, S. & Toyohara, G. 15-24
A species list for the bryophytes and ferns occurring as epiphytes on Tasamanian tree ferns Roberts, N. R., Dalton, P. J. & Jordan, G. J. 25-31
Preliminary application of psaB sequence data to the phylogenetic analysis of pleurocarpous mosses [有川智己・樋口正信:腋蘚類の分子系統へのpsaB遺伝子の利用] Arikawa, T. & Higuchi, M. 33-44
A preliminary phylogenetic study of the genus Leucobryum (Leucobryaceae, Musci) in Asia and the Pacific based on ITS and rbcL sequences [小栗恵美子・山口富美夫・坪田博美・出口博則:核ITS領域と葉緑体rbcL遺伝子の塩基配列に基づいたアジアおよび太平洋地域の蘚類シラガゴケ属の分子系統学的研究] Oguri, E., Yamaguchi, T., Tsubota, H. & Deguchi, H. 45-53
Molecular phylogeny of the Grimmiales (Musci) based on chloroplast rbcL sequences [坪田博美・揚野由美・ベレン エステバネス・山口富美夫・出口博則:葉緑体rbcLに基づく蘚類ギボウシゴケ目の分子系統学的研究] Tsubota, H., Ageno, Y., Estébanez, B., Yamaguchi, T. & Deguchi, H. 55-70
Comparative sexuality of conspecific stream-side and stream rock mosses Carrigan, C. & Gibson, M. 71-74
The sexuality of Atrichum androgynum (C. Müll.) Jaeg. (Musci: Polytrichaceae) in wet sclerophyll and cool temperate rainforest of Victoria, Australia Biggs, L. & Gibson, M. 75-78
Bryophyte flora of Hunan Province, China. 8. Additions to the checklist Enroth, J. & Koponen, T. 79-86
A new checklist of mosses of Jiangxi Province, China Ji, M.-C. & Tan, B. C. 87-106
ヒメトロイブゴケ配偶体における形態学的研究 [Shimamura, M., Shigetou, Y. & Deguchi, H.: Developmental investigation on the gematophyte of Apotreubia nana] 嶋村正樹・重藤裕子・出口博則 107-112
2001(平成13)年に日本で発表された蘚苔類関係の文献目録 [Iwatsuki, Z. & Higuchi, M.: Bryological literature published in Japan in 2001] 岩月善之助・樋口正信 113-117
Bryophytes of Asia. Fasc. 10 (2003) [出口博則・山口富美夫:アジアの蘚苔類標本第10集] Deguchi, H. & Yamaguchi, T. 119-120
新刊紹介 121
Hyoji Suzuki, 1914-2003 Seki, T. 123
ヒコビア会活動記録 125
ヒコビア会会則 127
投稿規定 128


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