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Logo for the Society of Hikobia (Logo designed by Shoichi Kishida)

Hikobia (ISSN 0046-7413; Higashi-hiroshima, JAPAN)

A international journal of botany, devoted primarily to the flora (mainly Mosses, Hepatics & other lower plants) and vegetation of Japan.


c/o Department of Biological Science,
Graduate School of Science, Hiroshima University,
Kagamiyama 1-3-1, Higashi-hiroshima-shi,
Hiroshima-ken 739-8526, Japan

FAX +81-82-424-7452

This page is edited by officers of HIKOBIA.

Copyright (C) 2002- by the Hikobia Botanical Society

「ヒコビア会(HIKOBIA BOTANICAL SOCIETY)」は日本学術会議協力学術研究団体です.

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